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The Futures Agency (TFA) was founded by Futurist Gerd Leonhard in 2011, and is based in Basel / Switzerland, with a U.S. office in Seattle, WA. Over the past few years TFA has grown to encompass more than 50 participating futurists (in some cases more aptly described as ‘Nowists’), thought-leaders, thinkers, authors, entrepreneurs and all kinds of public personas. For various reasons, many of them are listed on this site as ‘members’, and some of them are not, so please contact us anytime to find out what other resources or connections we can provide.

You can engage with TFA in many different ways including through speaking engagements, presentations and keynotes, workshops & seminars, training and coaching sessions, and much more. Here are some options:

  1. ‘Future Experience’ – Events (from 1-3 days) and company-internal seminars, workshops and executive team off-sites (*shorter formats can take 4 to 8 hours). These sessions are completely customized for each client, and are generally geared towards companies that are looking to discover, review and then wire-frame their key new business opportunities, manage disruptive developments or other radical change, respond to the urgent need for much quicker innovation, speed up the development of new ideas, or otherwise face crucial strategic decisions that may require immediate action. ‘Future Experiences’ are usually undertaken with at least 3 or more team members, and can be organisedgerd speaks back future DE iico2014_09-47-41 wherever the client requires.
  2. Company retreats and executive training events (1-2 days) on specific topics
  3. Online training sessions for large organisations (on many different topics)
  4. TFA can also design and program an entire conference or part thereof (such as the ITU World Leadership Summit for the Future)
  5. Client-days and promotional events on pretty much any topic and industry
  6. Keynote speeches, presentations / provocations, public talks and interventions (30-120 minutes)
  7. CEO / CIO / CMO or Board of Directors – business coaching and personal advisory sessions
  8. Advisory board participation (also Futurist-in-Residence assignments)
  9. Panel discussions, roundtables, talk shows, TV / radio broadcasts and other media appearances

The Futures Agency is structured as a virtual organization with global reach, deep knowledge and domain expertise, and extensive experience as strategic advisers. We operate under a 100% customer-delight policy. Many TFA engagements are led by Gerd Leonhard, Founder and CEO of the Agency, or by one of our senior members depending on availability, budget and the type of project involved.  For each mission, a team is formed in order to fit each given project; other colleagues as well as renowned guest speakers and advisers may be added on a case-by-case basis, as schedule and budget permits.

Please inquire for our rates and availability.

Gerd Leonhard, Founder and CEO

Mallory Smith, Project Manager

Fernando del Rio, Director of Research

Benjamin Blust, Digital Services

Here are some of our members in action:


Our business philosophy is nicely expressed in this photo that Gerd Leonhard took in Nikko, Japan, himself:)

Some of our CLIENTS:

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