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The Futures Agency GmbH is a registered Swiss corporation (GmbH), based in Zürich, Switzerland. We also have representation in San Francisco (415-729-3404  skype-in), and some US-based speaking engagements by Gerd and his colleagues are booked with travel originating from there.

Melanie Schmitz, TFA’s business manager – and the person in charge of all engagements – can be reached via email or via  +41 44 586 9006 (skype-in – please email first).

Gerd Leonhard, CEO & founder -If it’s urgent or timely you can always reach Gerd Leonhard directly via this email address.

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You can also contact Gerd via his twitter feed, as well, or leave a message on his Facebook page (email will give you the quickest reply).

Gerd’s personal contact form is here (in English), and here (in German).

Consult Gerd’s tentative travel schedule (via Google Calendar *not always 100% up-to-date).