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Gerd Leonhard

Digital transformation of business / society: Futurist Gerd Leonhard at Orange Business Hello World

Gerd’s Guide to Disruption 2013-web-TFA

7 Digital Trends to Expect in the Next 5 Years- Swissnex copy-TFA

Economic Times India_Gerd Leonhard on the future of work-TFA

OPINIÓN Gerd Leonhard- En un futuro no muy lejano, ‘Siri’, te dirá con quién salir –

What digital marketing will look like in 2020: Q&A with ‘Futurist’ Gerd Leonhard | Responsys New School Marketing Blog-TFA

‘Big data’: ¿Gran negocio, Gran Hermano? – CNN en Español: Ultimas Noticias de Estados Unidos, Latinoamérica y el Mundo, Opinión y Videos – Blogs-TFA

How Tech Is Creating Data Cravability To Make Us Digitally Obese Fast Co.Exist Gerd Leonhard-TFA

CNN Gerd Leonhard- Is your wearable tech helping you, or watching you? –

The future of knowledge in the coming era of intelligent machines | Futurist Gerd Leonhard TheGuardian-TFA | Un futurologue demande de s’opposer à l’approche numérique américaine-TFA

NZZ Feature 7. Juli 2014 Gerd Leonhard Offline ist der neue Luxus-TFA

TFA Founder Gerd Leonhard: Don’t Confuse Marketing with Value Creation-Forbes-TFA

ITU WORLD BLOG_Gerd Leonhard: We need collective solutions to over-connectivity before it’s too late

Rohit Talwar

Reinventing the airport ecosystem_Rohit Talwar-TFA

Driving Forces – 100 Trends and Developments Shaping the Path to 2025 Master_Rohit Talwar-TFA

Hotels 2020-Beyond Segmentation_Web version2_Rohit Talwar-TFA

How Information Technology could Transform the Legal Industry over the Next Decade_Rohit Talwar-TFA

Rohit Talwar ICCA 2063 – Exploring The Next Fifty Years 03 09 13_Rohit Talwar-TFA

The Future of Law Firms – ILTA Legal Technology Future Horizons Final Report_Rohit Talwar-TFA

The Path to 2025 – Driving Forces Global Challenges Potential Disruptions and Business Scenarios – Master_Rohit Talwar-TFA

Didier Marlier

“Le Monde” article refering to Didier’s book, “Engaging Leadership” (French)_Didier Marlier-TFA

Disruption Economy Roundtable at ESPM Brazil (Portuguese)_Didier Marlier-TFA

From Disruption to Engagement- “The Open Network Economy”_Didier Marlier-TFA

Leadership and HR- what are the new trends in the market? (Portuguese)_Didier Marlier-TFA

The Future of Strategic Planning in the Disruption Economy (Portuguese)_Dider Marlier-TFA

Brian Newman

Should festivals pay filmmakers to play their films?_Brian Newman-TFA

Innovation in storytelling and audience engagement_Brian Newman-TFA

Inventing the Future of the Arts: Seven Digital Trends_Brian Newman-TFA

Solutions to Over abundance_Brian Newman-TFA

Ten Predictions for 2014_Brian Newman-TFA

Jonathan Marks

A Disruptive Path for Deutsche Welle – Udacity is the future not news_Jonathan Marks-TFA

Be better prepared for the worst – then hope for the best_Jonathan Marks-TFA

Clayton Christensen – The New Theory of Growth, Jobs & Prosperity_Jonathan Marks-TFA

Going Dutch- Why Europe’s Hottest Med Tech Entrepreneurs Are Pitching Up In The Netherlands_Jonathan Marks-TFA

Quiz- Three years after cuts, will BBC World Service continue to innovate?_Jonathan Marks-TFA

Rethinking Demo Day’s Effectiveness for 2014_Jonathan Marks-TFA

Dirk von Gehlen

Mehr Vorfreude wagen! (German)_Dirk von Gehlen-TFA

Wie wir kommunizieren können (German)_Dirk von Gehlen-TFA

Zappeln als Distinktion – unser Text aus der SZ (German)_Dirk von Gehlen-TFA

Kelli Richards

3 Seemingly Obvious Tech Mergers We’re Still Waiting For_Kelli Richards-TFA

4 Tech Dinosaurs That Will Finally Die in 2015_Kelli Richards-TFA

How to Create a Personalized Solution that is Insanely Profitable_Kelli Richards-TFA

How to Vet a Crowded Industry for Hidden Innovation Opportunities_Kelli Richards-TFA