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  • What’s changing people
  • The changing consumer
  • The changing employee
  • Technology drivers of change
  • Organizational change
  • The future of Social Networks and Online Communities (GFF Research developed June 2007)
  • Our preparedness for business with China (GFF primary research 2007 launch)
  • The future of the ‘Small and Medium Sized Enterprise’ (GFF primary research 2007 launch)
  • The Changing shape of Business
  • The Future of Financial Services
  • Sustainability and environmental impact, opportunities and action
  • The Future of Travel and Tourism (Middle East Specialty) (GFF research report 2007 launch)
  • The innovation process

David A. Smith is a Futurist and Founder of The GFF in London, UK. David challenges, informs and entertains his audiences on many of the key issues of the near future, in order to stimulate ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking to help generate new visions, strategies, products and services.

David is the chief executive of Global Futures and Foresight (GFF). In his 30 year business career he has held senior management positions in large and small organizations. He has been involved in public sector, commercial and financial markets and has held sales, marketing and general management positions in companies such as the UK based DRG group and The US Unisys corporation. Whilst at Unisys he held the position of Strategic Marketing Director for their $2bn global financial services business. He has advised the UK and EU governments on strategic research investment decisions. Since co-founding The Global Future Forum in 2000 and now Global Futures and Foresight, he has worked with many organisations such as The Henley Management Centre, University of Tampere – Finland, Reckitt Benckiser, Bausch & Lomb, KRAFT, Heinz, SAS Airlines, Siemens, CSC, Unisys, O2, Shirlaws, Reed Exhibitions, Royal Mail, LTSB, RBS, Royal&SunAlliance, West Bromwich Building Society, More Th>n and many other banks, building societies, insurance companies and industry associations such as the FSF (financial services), VMA (telecommunications), PIRA (packaging) and the AEO (Association of Exhibition Organizers) (events).

He is a regular international conference speaker and writer and a passionate believer that we are not victims of what the future might hold if we prepare ourselves in advance. He has spoken on UK BBC, Middle East TV, German and South African radio and appeared on the UK ITN News channel discussing topical futures issues. His experience has shown him the powerful impact that glimpses of the future afford business and government alike as they seek to achieve their strategic goals.

David is married with four sons and a keen week-end sailor and photographer.


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    • Business and Commerce
    • Digital Transformation
    • Society, Culture and Politics
    • Technology and Software
    • Work, Jobs and Employment

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