Lars Cosh-Ishii

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Areas of Expertise:  Mobile,  Japan,  Media,  Community, Events

Mobikyo publishes Wireless Watch Japan, organizes Mobile Monday Tokyo events, operates Mobile Intelligence guided missions and provides related research and advisory services.

Based in Tokyo since 2001, dedicated to reporting on the mobile industry, I’ve gained a unique understanding of – and developed a wide network of contacts with – telcom operators, handset makers as well as many content, application and service providers both in Japan and abroad.

As a founder and lead organizer of the Mobile Monday Tokyo community since Sept. 2004, I have met countless domestic and international attendees and traveled to participate at MoMo events in Barcelona, Colombo, Helsinki, Islamabad, Jakarta, Jo’burg, Kampala, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nairobi, Rio de Janerio, St.Petersburg, Seoul, Singapore, Stockholm, Tallinn and Vancouver. Responsible for The Mob Rulz and projects.

Often interviewed by international media, from ABC Radio to Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, I’m a frequent contact point for industry players visiting Tokyo. A ‘fixer’ for in-bound executive tours, producer of custom research reports and speaker at global conference events.

It’s been my honor and pleasure to serve as a bridge between mobile in Japan and the world. I have a strong grasp on the entire ecosystem, built a fantastic network of contacts and earned a reputation for simply calling a spade a shovel. After 10-years on this ride, I can still honestly say that every day is a rush!


Mobikyo Business Presentation (2011)

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