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Tim RennerProfessor Tim Renner, Founder, former Secretary of Stateand CEO Universal Music

Tim Renner was born on December 1st, 1964 in Berlin. He moved to Hamburg with his parents in 1970 where he grew up, went to school and immersed in the music underground scene. As a teenager he began to organize tours and played in a band called „Quälende Geräusche“. After his A-levels in 1984 he began to study German language and literature but quit after the first term since he considered it as “too boring“.

Then he began to work as a journalist, started a press agency for city magazines and wrote several articles for newspapers and books. During his inquiries for an undercover story about the music industry in 1986 he joined the Polydor label and put his journalistic plans on hold. However, this business was too exciting. He signed the Berlin based band Element Of Crime and his first chart hit was with the pop avant-gardist Phillip Boa from Dortmund. In 1989 he took over the management of the new founded Polydor Progressive Music Division.

Five years later, he established a new record label within the Polygram Group, the Motor Music Ltd. which he run as the Managing Director. With Motor Music he developed acts like Philip Boa, Tocotronic, Absolute Beginner and international artists like Portishead, 2Pac, A*Teens and The Cardigans. Tim Renner´s biggest success so far was achieved with the band Rammstein from Berlin. Rammstein is one of the few German bands which is also very successful on an international level. They sold over 5 mio. album copies worldwide and the Rammstein album „Sehnsucht“ received gold status in the USA and is therefore the only album in German language that has been sold over 500.000 times.

In 1998 when PolyGram merged with Universal to Universal Music Germany, Tim Renner took over the position as President Music and replaced Wolf. D. Gramatke as CEO and Chairman. At Universal Music he worked with a wide range of different stars like Eminem, Sting, Texas, Pavarotti, U2, Bon Jovi, Howard Carpendale or Rosenstolz. Even as CEO he never lost his interest in national artists. At the beginning of 2004, when Universal wanted to part from many national artists and to alter the company´s structure in a significant way, Renner resigned. After a journey around the world Renner published a book about the media industry in September 2004 and is one of a hundred managers worldwide who have been nominated as global leader for tomorrow by the world economic forum (Geneva/ Davos).

Half a year after Tim Renner left his seat at Universal, he first reanimated the brand Motor through the relaunch of the German alternative-music web portal http://www.motor.de, and further on with the spectacular launch of the radio-station Motor FM. In only that short amount of time, http://www.motor.de became the 2nd strongest German rock/alternative/indie/crossover website and the radio-station Motor FM to date has app. 100.000 listeners daily throughout German areas and cities such as Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Stuttgart.

In the very beginning of 2005, one year after his egress at Universal, the label MotorMusic ready to be reactivated. With bands and artists such as Hund Am Strand, Peter Licht or Super700, just to name a few, some of the most exciting German independent acts, released their highly recommended debut albums! But MotorMusic isn’t just a classic and old fashioned music label releasing records, it is as well set as a management & publishing company and is preparing and providing its artists and bands a complete, powerful and skilful service. In September last year the new child of Motor Entertainment was born – Motor TV.

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28: Tim Renner – Impulsreferat, „Zugang gestalten!“ 2014 from iRights.info on Vimeo.

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