Ralph Simon

Ralph Simon
  • Society, Culture and Politics
  • Technology and Software
  • Telecom and Media (TMT)
London / Los Angeles / Johannesburg
Upon Request
  • Mobile Trailblazer, Visionary and Innovator

    Ralph Simon is one of the founders of the modern mobile entertainment industry. Over the past 15 years he has been a prominent mobile trailblazer, visionary and innovator, helping grow the global mobile content and entertainment industries, and playing a central role in it’s growth, impact and presence worldwide.

    He heads the Mobilium International Group in London, LA and Mumbai, providing high level strategic advice and guidance to the music and entertainment business, multinational telco operators, handset & tablet makers, technology infrastructure companies, media companies, brands, ad agency groups and platform providers around the world. Drawing from vast international and developing market experience, Simon is at the forefront of mobile innovation and colloquial significance – key imperatives for today’s mobile and entertainment industry executives. …

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