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Didier Marlier's EnablersTFA Partner Didier Marlier: “My rebellious side fell in love with this quote of G. B. Shaw, brought by  Nick McRoberts. We now have wonderful Enablers “intelligent fibers” shirts (Rhodia FiBras) on which the wise words are proudly worn. There is be a profound need for evolution in the world of teaching. I find the following clip (in the post)  below quite compelling.

My daughter has the great privilege to study in one of Switzerland’s best schools. Beau-Soleil does not consider its mission as “just” teaching kids but prepares them to take on business and life leadership. In order to do so, it has challenged its own educational orthodoxy to adapt it to the reality of the XXIst century. Recently, Thaïs came home with work to do on Brazil… I asked her if this related to history, geography, economy… She replied: “All of these”. I asked: “How come your teacher (she is only 12) is not delivering the course himself?” She looked at me as if I came from Mars: “Dad, we all work on this, in group. We will teach each other and the Professor will coach us and give us feedback! Let us now stop wasting time and get the information from the net…” She then prepared a presentation with clips, pictures, bullet points. Days later she came back, happy, and explained that she had received very good feedback from the class and teacher and that he helped her understand that she should have made a better job connecting some of the geography points with history as some of these explained some of those. Our children are taught with the perspective of complexity and connectivity.

This new thinking in education should also extend to executive development: In September 2009, an Indian magazine published … read on.”

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