Build broad app portfolios, publishers told


Found on Reflections of a Newsosaur: “Publishers can’t base their mobile strategies on a single app for the iPad and another for smart phones, warns a thoughtful new white paper from the International Newsmedia Marketing Association.

Rather, the study says, publishers have to produce an ever-evolving variety of apps for each platform to appeal to an increasingly fragmented market of consumers.

The INMA report, which was released today on the one-year anniversary of the introduction of the iPad, can be purchased here.

“You no longer can say we make one thing for everyone,” said Swiss media strategist Gerd Leonhard, who was quoted in the worldwide survey by the industry association. “I may like to read a magazine where all the links are active, videos are playing, where I can chat with people. But many others may just want to read.”

Because different consumers have different expectations, the study … read on.”

TFA Team


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