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By Glen Hiemstra | January 24th, 2011 On January 25, 2011 President Barak Obama will deliver the 2011 “State of the Union” address to the U.S. Congress and the nation. The text of the speech has not yet been released, but reports are that among

What Happens When … A Restaurant crowdfunds ?

Thoughts by TFA Partner Brian Newman: “I don’t usually write up things that are in the NYT unless I am responding to an article or critiquing it. I figure that if something is in the Times, it will get enough traction that it doesn’t need blog: Space Tourism 2011

Written by Glen Hiemstra and Catherine Otten The space experience race is on. I have always wanted to go into space. It could happen sooner than we think. All I need is the money. According to the Space Tourism Society, billionaires such as Paul Allen,

Innovation, innovation, innovation

TFA Partner Alan Moore‘s presentation on innovation and entrepreneurship at the HP’s HQ in Cupertino, beginning of January 2011, organised as part of the Global Entrepreneur week:

CES 2011: The Year CES Became a Content Show

by Jack Myers, Media Economist Quick, answer this question: Is Intel a technology company that manufactures chips or a content distribution company? The answer, according to Intel executives at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is both. The walls that separate technology, content distributors, content producers

Value Chain Disruption in 3D

Post written by Jonathan MacDonald and also published here: — Over the last few years my standard answer to the question “What is the next big thing?” has been 3D printing. Initially, reactions ranged from disbelief through to downright fear for my sanity. I’ve called

Predictions for media industry in 2011 | Trends in the Living Networks

Link: Predictions for media industry in 2011 | Trends in the Living Networks Predictions for media industry in 2011 Ross Dawson, January 17, 2011 at 10:28 am On December 30 Gulf News published a compilation of local and worldwide media personalities’ forecasts for the media industry in 2011.

Gerd Leonhard on the Future of Music & Copyright (Euroslagt Groningen)

Context: The Future of Music (Presentation at Euroslagt Groningen NL Jan 2010) View more presentations from Gerd Leonhard. See more details here (MediaFuturist blog) Related articles The Future of Media: video of my talk at ICTQatar ( Gerd Leonhard: The Future of Media: my presentation

Eleven Digital Trends to Watch in 2011 View more presentations from Edelman Digital. Digital trend watch & best practice for 2011 A must watch presentation on some key digital (marketing) trends to watch in 2011 along with best practice examples and actionable recommendations. To name

7 Billion people: nice video by National Geographic