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Layar – Impactful Augmented Reality in Your Everyday Life see

Digital Share of Total Advertising/Marketing Investments: 2010-2020

From TFA Partner Jack Myers‘ ThinkTank: “ Digital share of total 2010 Advertising & Marketing: 8.0% Digital share of total 2020 Advertising & Marketing: 40.0% est. Marketers invested a total $47.6 billion in digital advertising and marketing in 2010 according to the recently released Jack

The Future of Media – Interview with Gerd Leonhard by during Future Media Days in Oslo, November 16, 2010.

Glen Hiemstra & Gerd Leonhard: The Future of Communication and Conversation

CHART OF THE DAY: The Death Of The Music Industry Read more at Silicon Valley Insider

TFA’s CEO, Gerd Leonhard talk: The Future of Intellectual Property (TedX London). Note: skip first 90 seconds (bad sound due to audio problems on location)

People don’t buy what you do! They buy why you do it!!!

TFA Partner Didier Marlier: “Simon Sinek[1] proposes a simple and elegant model: the golden circle. When talking (as everybody today) about Apple, he challenges its competitors: “Apple is just another computer company… They have the same access to the same talents, the same agencies, the

Data is the new Oil – AMEInfo interviews Gerd Leonhard  in Dubai

Posted by Gerd Leonhard: Absolutely brilliant and fascinating stuff by one of my favorite thinkers (and a great influence on my own work), Kevin Kelly.  This is one of his most concise talks and he really covers IT ALL in here so… be sure to Blog: The Future of Music

By Catherine Otten | February 18th, 2011 I recently had the opportunity to interview musician Amanda Ray about her experiences and goals. She is an impressive artist with a great outlook on the future of music and positive change. She has recently written Surraeon, a