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SurraeonI recently had the opportunity to interview musician Amanda Ray about her experiences and goals. She is an impressive artist with a great outlook on the future of music and positive change. She has recently written Surraeon, a sci-fi story that is currently under development as a musical album and as a film.

The full interview can be found in our Article Archives. Here are some highlights from our interview:

8. From your point of view, what is the future of music?
I think the future of music is bright, but I don’t think there is a future for the music industry the way we knew it. Like everything, change is the only constant. And I feel like technology has given us a clean canvas in which to create our dreams. Without corporations telling you who to like and listen to, we will see who the real creative artists are. It can be very challenging, but artists are forced to get creative with how they sustain themselves with their music. It’s not about copies anymore, in this device addicted world, it’s about access! And although I can go on and on with predictions, it’s really everyone’s guess to what the future holds in music. With respect to the record industry and corporations, it’s been a VERY long time since artists have been able to create without a mold, without a formula and without expectations.

We’re living in a DIY industry now and I think it will spawn a new generation of artists who will not be bound by the traditions of the music industry, and will be free to create and market music in new ways. And I don’t think anyone will specialize in just one area, they will know and be a part of every aspect of their art. We will also see more fans involved with their favorite artist music. Online fundraising campaigns such as Kickstarter and Indie Go Go will inspire other companies to help artists raise funds for their projects. This will and is, cutting out the middle men and even more financial gate keepers such as grants. Any artist who’s even considered going down the grant road, understands how annoying and long the process is. Unfortunately, it still boils down to who you know, who likes you and if you fit into their mold or category. I also think that artists will start joining forces more in the future. Building websites that are genre specific or just several bands all on one site, selling access to music, concert videos and blogs.

9. How are you inspiring positive change through your music?
By creating honest, sincere music from the heart! Providing a window to an experience that we crave but are afraid to live. It’s not about creating a fake perfect utopian society but broadening our perception of where we see ourselves in 30 years. With thought provoking lyrics and moody cinematic music, it is my goal to create a soundtrack for our journey to perceiving a more favorable future.

[Note from Glen Hiemstra… I love this interview that Catherine did with Amanda Ray, musician, writer and artist. What caught our attention when she contacted us was her concept that images of the future matter, and that we lack positive images. That fits precisely with my approach to futuring. Check out the full interview, and Amanda’s work.]

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