Kevin kelly tedx What-Technology-Wants-Kevin-Kelly1 Posted by Gerd Leonhard: Absolutely brilliant and fascinating stuff by one of my favorite thinkers (and a great influence on my own work), Kevin KellyThis is one of his most concise talks and he really covers IT ALL in here so… be sure to spend 25 minutes on this video; it’s well worth it.

Some key take-aways: “We used to be people of the book, now we are people of the screen. Now we have TV we read and books we watch. We are in the cloud, indeed, but now the cloud is looking back at us, too, and social reading results in social writing. Access not ownership is where all content is going (yes, you have heard that from me before, too:). Flows not pages.  New generatives are the new value…”

Great stuff indeed. To download KK’s slides go here (thanks to OReilly for making it all available, too!)

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