People don’t buy what you do! They buy why you do it!!!


Didier Marlier. EnablersTFA Partner Didier Marlier: “Simon Sinek[1] proposes a simple and elegant model: the golden circle. When talking (as everybody today) about Apple, he challenges its competitors: “Apple is just another computer company… They have the same access to the same talents, the same agencies, the same consultants, the same media, then why is it that they seem to have something different?”. For him most of their competitors, on all fronts (computers, music, mobile phones and tablets) think, act & communicate the same way:

  • What: they tend to communicate and (worse!) think of themselves in terms of products. What jumped onto the screen of anyone interested about the cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft? “We will cooperate on our smartphones!” Companies communicate, sell and build powerful and dangerous orthodoxies around what they sell (products, services and more recently experience). As Sinek suggests, this is easier, makes sense and is logical.
  • How: sometimes, the company goes one step further and explains its how. How Dell manufactures its computers was part of their business narrative, how one would buy, transport and build its own furniture was the highlight of Ikea’s communication.
  • Why: is totally forgotten… Why is the purpose (why are we in business), the dream (why do we do what we do), the relevance (why do we believe we deserve to be heard or successful). Why is our “Deep Intent”…

See now on this shortened version of the clip (1’54’’) the two examples given by Simon: one communicating from a “what” standpoint and the… read on.”

TFA Team


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