Futurist.com: Carbon Nation a Great Film – Go See It.


Film director and producer Peter Byck watched An Inconvenient Truth some years ago and thought, “If that is the problem, what is the answer?” Thus began an odyssey now in its forth year to conceive, produce and now to show the new blockbuster documentary, Carbon Nation. The film opens today in San Francisco. Go see it!

I had the opportunity to chat with Peter last week at a Seattle V.I.P premier of the film, sponsored by the Boeing Company. Peter hosted the event and answered general questions, as he will be doing this evening in San Francisco. The film suggests a feasible path to reduce carbon emissions to the scientifically supported level of 350 parts per million, especially through the wide spread application of wind and solar power. Recalling the swift transformation of industrial processes from the manufacture of autos and washing machines to war material seventy years ago, the film argues persuasively that the idea that we cannot scale up carbon friendly sources of energy is not actually true. It is simply current policy.

At once humorous, visionary, challenging, and informative, Carbon Nation is the new must see film on our common future.

Private screenings can be booked now, and DVD’s will follow the theatrical run, as might a proposed television series.

Glen Hiemstra is a futurist speaker, author, consultant, blogger, internet video host and Founder of Futurist.com. To arrange for a speech contact Futurist.com.

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