You Must Use Twitter – But You Don’t Have to Tweet


By MediaBizBlogger’s Steve Rosenbaum: “Have you ever declared: “I Don’t Tweet”, or “I Don’t Text”, or “I don’t use Facebook”? We’ve all had friends and family say those words to us.

Today I want to perform an intervention. You simply can’t say “I Don’t” to any of these things and expect to remain relevant, or informed. Here’s why.

Twitter is the new oxygen of information. Let me explain.

Radio isn’t about a kind of content – it’s just a pipe that brings sound to your radio. It can be Classical Music, or News Radio, or Howard Stern. But you don’t say – I don’t use ‘audio’ or I don’t consume content that comes from a satellite.

The pipe doesn’t matter.

So, with Twitter here’s a quick primer. First of all, it’s both a transmission system and a two way communication network. But you don’t need to “Tweet” (i.e.: broadcast) in order to read Twitter. Broadcasting on Twitter is not required, in fact I suspect the large majority of users of Twitter don’t tweet.

Second, Twitter has no barrier to entry – so YOU must be selective as to who you follow, or you’ll quickly be overwhelmed with 140 character bursts of information that are meaningless to you, or worse – annoying. But, like radio, if you tune in to a station that is broadcasting some … read on.”

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