Embrace User Empowerment or Fail


An interview with Gerd Leonhard by CI, prior to his participation in Consumers International CI World Congress in Hong Kong next week. ” Gerd Leonhard, the well-known media futurist and CEO of The Futures Agency, took the time to talk to CI just before heading to Hong Kong for the CI World Congress.

At the world’s biggest consumer activists’ gathering, he will be speaking about “consumer empowerment in a networked society: opportunities, challenges and future scenarios,” and he gave us a taster:

“Basically, the entire world is becoming networked via mobile devices, social media, video, and location-based offerings. The ‘other three billion’ are coming online at a blinding pace, and with connectivity comes not just a rise in GDP, but also a drastic rise in empowerment. Connected people behave… read on.”

TFA Team


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