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DocAviv – Roadmap to the Future of Docs View more presentations from Brian Newman TFA Partner Brian Newman presents: Roadmap to the Future of Docs “Slides from my workshop at DocAviv with Hypermedia. A six hour, three part, workshop. Some new material here, but repeats

Results Team Accelerator – Advanced profile: Linkedin Apps (by yourBusinessChannel) The Results Team accelerator is a tool which is full of advice from handpicked subject matter specialists with a proven track record of delivering results – they are all focussed on helping you get results

(via MediaFuturist: Is THIS the future of customer service (3 Sweden) ?)

You Don’t Know Who You Are

From “Only Dead Fish” by TFA Partner Neil Perkin’s blog: “I’ve been doing a bit of teaching to a Masters class in Digital Marketing recently. Some of the work that has been originated by the class around digital business models has been something of an

We are pleased to present a new sample of my keynote speaking and programs. This 5-minute video has excerpts from 2010 back to 2006 and illustrates that my keynotes and programs have two basic themes. First, while the future is not perfectly predictable, it is

Collections of thought-provoking material by some of the world’s leading futurists to inspire questions about the future of your business. Free download on our Facebook page[3].  Enjoy!

nickbishop: Not fit for purpose: Facebook is unsuited to supporting social activism. The company has no interest in preventing authoritarian regimes from data mining the network and of keeping safe the people who organise activist movements. We need, says Cory Doctorow in this interview with The Guardian,