Julie Roehm: Do You “Like” Me? Should I Care?


Julie RoehmAt MediaBizBloggers, Julie Roehm wrote last week: “This week, I was in LA with the super smart people at iOTX and Ipsos talking about new media, research tools and dashboards with, gasp, actionable insights for CMO’s. As a former marketing chief, I can tell you that there are very few CMO’s that lack data. What we lack, more than not, are insights that connect the dots and lead us to actions that address our strategic needs. Research that makes sense of all of the data that we have that are typically disparate and lack any real direction in terms of “what do to do as a result?” or to quote Shelley Zalis of Ipsos, “Where’s the there there?”. Social media has made that even more difficult. Like many other ill-measured media, social media is a place where most marketers … read on.”

TFA Team


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