Neil Perkin: The Perfect Community


Just found on TFA partner Neil Perkin’s blog “Only Dead Fish”:

“l oved this short film that asked one simple question: “What Does ‘Community’ Mean To You?”. As Maria points out there are some (perhaps expected) universal needs that seem to emerge including proximity and convenience, face to face interaction but the over-riding need seems to be for a sense of belonging.

Which leads me to this fascinating question posed by Robert Dunbar a couple of months ago. Dunbar’s number of-course posits that the ideal number (or put another way the cognitive limit) for a human social network (defined as those with whom one can maintain stable social relationships, or acquaintances that are both reciprocal and have a history) is 150.

So, goes the argument, this was the typical size of communities in hunter-gatherer times, of villages from the Domesday book right through 18th-century England, of parishes in modern day…read on.”

TFA Team


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