Future of Health Care


Today I delivered a keynote speech for the Western States BCBS Internal Operations Conference, in Seattle. My task was to talk about longer term future trends and the challenge of shaping the preferred future. These are health insurance providers, and vendors, from west of the Mississippi. They see a volatile world ahead, though with many as-yet undefined opportunities. Within my talk I discussed the future of health care and shared one brief perspective on the future of insurance within a health care reform future. My key points were that:

  • Health care tomorrow will not resemble the past
  • A shift to individual wellness data clouds, and 4-P medicine: predictive, preventive, person, participatory is coming
  • The insurance business must evolve into a larger customer service enterprise given both external forces and the coming demands of the reformed insurance market place

My key slides are here.
Future of Health Care, by Glen Hiemstra, Futurist.com 

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