The Future of Television: video conversation with futurists and keynote speakers @rossdawson and @gleonhard  

Here are a few of the ideas we share in the session:

Video will be everywhere: video walls, ceilings, floors, tables and more, giving space for the vast amount of video we are creating. Participatory TV is an expression of the broad shift from hub and spoke media to co-created media. Examples include CBS’s What’s Trending, Al-Jazeera’s The Stream, and others however it is fairly early. We may have to get rid of the world ‘television’, which implies channels, boxes, cables, and more. There are another 50 video streaming sites other than YouTube as well as, Fora.TV, BigThink and many more. IPTV has been inevitable from the start – broadcast towers are there but will be complemented by IP delivery, resulting in essentially an infinite channel world. The future of television looks great because everything is a screen, which is a huge opportunity. Targeted advertising is becoming possible, allowing brands to reach who are interesting, but it does require a different infrastructure and different attitude.
Ten years from now we’ll be happy to reach 1% of a national audience, a fraction of what mass media reach used to be.

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