Found on Alan Moore’s blog SMLXL: “With the evolution of the No Straight Lines project – the notion of literacy, words and language seems to be part of the gravitational pull of the project. “A gentleman can only mean what he says, if he can say what he means.” A line from the Last Emperor that is beautifully succinct. Or, that we need to speak a language that embraces a blended reality of both online and off. Without the right words, we cannot explain the world around us or get things done, how we use words shapes how we take action in this world. Steve Balmer said “the production of shared software is Communism”, whereas Alan Rusbridger, Editor of the Guardian believes that, “Mutuality” is the business strategy of the Guardian. In 18th Century pre-Revolutionary France it was the language used by pamphleteers, and journalists as the rhetoric of public action that gave the bloody aftermath its structure and organisational direction. Words!? WTF!”

WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

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