The Success and Failure of Startups


Found on Alan Moore’s blog SMLXL: “In my forthcoming project No Straight Lines I argue that we have reached the nadir of the adaptive range of an industrialised world, in fact we are now faced with a trilemma of social, organisational and economic complexity, tensions and questions. And therefore face a design problem. No Straight Lines presents a new logic and describes an entirely new way for true social, economic and organisational innovation to happen.

So I was excited to hear of the Startup Genome Report that will be of real value to entrepreneurs as they navigate their way through the ups and downs of success. So what’s it all about? The Startup Genome is an initiative of blackbox, a seed accelerator co-founded by techVenture and other organizations that have a track record of working with 100+ startups, including 15 exits (such as Bebo, Tapulous & Lala). Now Blackbox will be releasing the first comprehensive benchmarking application for startups based on the Startup Genome framework.

Three months ago they released the first Startup Genome Report and it went viral throughout the startup ecosystem. To date it’s been covered in more than 150 publications in more than 15 languages, and the report has been…read on.”

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