My Best Interview on the Future of Leadership


Just found on Didier Marlier‘s blog: “During my recent stay in São-Paulo, I was interviewed by Patricia Bispo, who runs an excellent site dedicated to people and leadership issues. Her questions helped me clarify my thoughts on the future of leadership. Here are, in English, the key parts of the interview:

Patricia Bispo – Changes happen at an increasing pace and the emerging “Open Source Economy” is a closer reality. How will it impact organizations?

Didier Marlier – The main impact will be the blossoming of “intelligent organizations”, where the strategic reflection, innovation and creativity will stop being the privilege of an elite at the top of the pyramid (or in R&D departments) but will be deeply engrained into the culture of the organization: All employees will be invited to be a living part of the “strategizing process”.

The best metaphor I can think of is the human body: All of our organs are aligned and live behind a shared purpose: our survival and well being. Likewise, the intelligent organization will intellectually and emotionally align its organs (its employees) behind a shared…read on.”

TFA Team


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