The Emergence of Talents Networks


As seen on Didier Marlier’s blog: “In the true spirit of P.F.E. (Proudly Found Elsewhere), so typical of the Open Source Economy, I borrowed the title (and a lot of the content) of this post to Neil Perkin, one of my colleagues in Gerd Leonhard’s “Futures Agency”. I’d like to thank him for the source of inspiration his article was for me and hopefully will be for many of you.

Neil enthusiastically describes the emergence of Talent Networks and the way these start to organize and work. One of them is a new New-York based advertising agency named “Co”. “The name deliberately evokes their business model of co-creation, collaboration and co-venturing, of a small, agile organizational hub that works with and draws from a list of 40 agencies, businesses and consultancies that are specialists in particular services ranging from digital marketing, to PR, Social Media, Design, technology, gaming, events and media” writes Neil. This to him is symptomatic of a broader trend: the rise of Talent Networks.

The principal causes for that emergence is to be found in the digitization and the recession (which)  have combined to create en environment in which the value of much of what we know is depreciating, and which increasingly requires a culture and a pace of innovation that is consistent with start-ups (…) Corporate down-sizing and technology have combined toread on.

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