What Kind Of Future?


Found on Neil Perkin’s blog Only Dead Fish: “One of my favourite columnists John Naughton recently wrote an exceptional piece on the inadequacy of our national curriculum, and more specifically the part of the curriculum called ICT (‘Information and Communication Technology’), in equipping our children for the challenges of the future. Whilst we’re moving into a post-PC age, he writes, the ICT curriculum is firmly rooted in desktop computing running Microsoft Windows.

Compartmentalising ICT as a separate, discrete part of the curriculum is as absurd as it would be to have ‘books’ as a separate part. Instead of educating our children about the potential of open software, collaborative tools and cloud-based services, we are training them in how to use Word and Excel. This ”chronic mismatch between the glacial pace of curriculum change in a print-based culture, and the rate of change in technology” is effective only in establishing an …read on.”

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