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Rolling Stone: Albums – The Next Generation

Found on Jason Treuen’s blog: “With album sales falling through the floor, artists are turning to new technology to generate attention and revenue in the internet age. In the process, they’re redefining the concept of the album as we know it. Leading the way is

The Emergence of Talents Networks

As seen on Didier Marlier’s blog: “In the true spirit of P.F.E. (Proudly Found Elsewhere), so typical of the Open Source Economy, I borrowed the title (and a lot of the content) of this post to Neil Perkin, one of my colleagues in Gerd Leonhard’s

Music: Experience not copy!

According to leading music futurist Gerd Leonhard, such diverse approaches are just the start of the “complete fragmentation of the music format”. With the convergence of audio, video, graphics and gaming via the net, he predicts the album will soon be eclipsed by the music

Future of Money in American Politics

By Glen Hiemstra | September 15th, 2011 This is really interesting, did not know this. In 1976 and in 1980, when Jimmy Carter ran against Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan, respectively, for President, the presidential campaigns raised… 0 dollars. That is, both Carter, and Ford

(via MediaFuturist: The future of communications and conversation (video with fellow futurist Glen Hiemstra))

My Best Interview on the Future of Leadership

Just found on Didier Marlier‘s blog: “During my recent stay in São-Paulo, I was interviewed by Patricia Bispo, who runs an excellent site dedicated to people and leadership issues. Her questions helped me clarify my thoughts on the future of leadership. Here are, in English,

Future of Jobs with Futurist Glen Hiemstra, Sep. 2011 (by futuristspeaker)

For our German Readers: Manager Magazin: Wolkige Hoffnungen für die Musikbranche

Beitrag von Wilfried Eckl-DornaDie CD-Verkäufe sinken weiter, das Geschäft mit Downloads bleibt klein: Auf der Musikmesse Popkomm sucht die Branche nach Wegen aus der digitalen Misere. Der Erfolg von Internetmusikdiensten wie Simfy oder Spotify macht ein wenig Mut – doch Rechtsstreitigkeiten erschweren den Durchbruch…. “Für die Konsumenten ist klar:

Have Focus Groups Had Their Day?

Found on Neil Perkin’s “Only Dead Fish” blog: “ll admit to having never really been fond of focus groups. For quite some time I’ve been troubled by the question of whether they yield quite the value that companies seem to invest in them. Or rather,

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt replied to that idea in an interview in the Guardian with advice that applies equally to CEOs: “It is a mistake to look into the mirror and try to break the mirror. Whatever the problem was [that caused the riots] the