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Revisiting ‘T-Shaped’ People

“Regardless of whether your goal is to innovate around a product, service, or business opportunity, you get good insights by having an observant and empathetic view of the world…empathy allows you to have original insights about the world. It also enables you to build better

New video: Visions of a Networked Future at ITU Telecom World

Below is a 10-minute (amateur*) video excerpt from a really interesting session at ITU Teleworld 2011 in Geneva yesterday, October 26, 2011. This link* has further details and the complete 86 minute video. This Quickfire Storytelling session brings together some of the world’s leading futurists

Expand Your Horizons with Scenario Planning

By Glen Hiemstra | October 13th, 2011 Have you ever wanted to learn a bit more about scenario planning as a tool to expand your planning horizon? This past summer I had the opportunity to lead a group from the National Association of Electrical Distributors

NExTWORK: Kevin Kelly (by wired)

For our Spanish Speakers: COLOMBIA 3.0, Bogota, 8 Octubre 2011:  Gerd Leonhard: El Futuro del Internet y los Contenidos Digitales / Futurist Gerd Leonhard Keynote at Colombia 3.0: The Future of Content (SPANISH) Part 1 (by gleonhard)

Gerd Leonhard announces his new “The Future of Content” Kindle book (by gleonhard) – 73 essays, blog posts and other publications in one Kindle publication available on Amazon at for US$ 3.90 – Enjoy !

A Duet With Siri (iPhone 4s Song) (by therockcookiebottom)

Inkling: moving textbooks onto the iPad (by building43)

Will Austerity Create the Future?

By Glen Hiemstra | October 12th, 2011  This is the kind of thing that government built the last time we had such a deep economic problem and employment needed a boost. Are we building anything for the future, today, to help get out of the