Revisiting ‘T-Shaped’ People


“Regardless of whether your goal is to innovate around a product, service, or business opportunity, you get good insights by having an observant and empathetic view of the world…empathy allows you to have original insights about the world. It also enables you to build better teams.” Tim Brown, IDEO

From Neil Perkin’s blog Only Dead Fish: I’ve been doing some work for a client recently around digital skills and structures, which has given me cause to revisit the thinking around so-called ‘T-shaped’ people, a concept of which I’ve long been fond. 

As a term, it was popularised by Tim Brown of IDEO of-course (notably in that well-referenced ‘Strategy By Design’ FastCompany article) yet it was originated by McKinseys, who used it to describe the kind of people they were looking to hire as those who possessed a strong vertical skill (the vertical stroke of the T), but who also had …read on.”

TFA Team


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