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Stowe Boyd: Bloggers Aren’t Like Other People

Link: Stowe Boyd: Bloggers Aren’t Like Other People stoweboyd: A 2011 study by Yahoo Research, shows that a small population of bloggers, media, celebrities, and organizations dominate the open discourse on Twitter: Shaomei Wu, Winter Mason, Jake Hofman, Duncan Watts, Who Says What To Whom

Occupying Wall Street and Economic Futures

By Glen Hiemstra | October 11th, 2011 I began thinking about the long term impact of the growing gap between rich and poor, and the flat-lining of middle class incomes, several years ago. I began the chapter on The Great Divides in my 2006 book by

Screenagers – Brands and Trust

Found on new TFA network member Ajit Jaokar’s blog Open Gardens: “Trust and Brands are interwoven like the double helix of DNA.. A Brand is much more than the image, logo, name, awareness, experience, campaign, product or trademark. Whilst all of the above (and more)

The future of business – how our world is changing. Futurist and Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard (by gleonhard)

Fraud Alert for my fellow Speakers

A message from TFA partner Glen Hiemstra: “If you are a professional speaker, be aware there is a quite slick Internet fraud out there. You get an email inviting you to speak at at a conference in Scotland (in my case) four weeks from now;

The Rise Of Networks, The End Of Process

From Stowe Boyd’s blog: “The industrial influence in business management and theory is profound. In essence, for the past hundred years business has been objectified as a machine, divided into various components, like a clock or an electric generator. Components are composed of subcomponents, and

By Glen Hiemstra | October 3rd, 2011 is a global network of high school and college students coordinating their volunteer efforts to focus on issues they really care about, in order to make a bigger difference in the world. The Founder is a dynamic high

New Study: The Future of HR – Aligned, Connected and Responsive

Rohit Talwar, Fast Future: “New study highlights foresight, strategic alignment, personalized services,  managing complexity, innovation and flexibility as key priorities for tomorrow’s HR Function. Fast Future Research announced the launch of a new foresight study on the Future of HR in medium to large enterprises. The

3D Manufacture in Space

By Glen Hiemstra | September 26th, 2011 It has been possible for years now to do 3D design, 3D prototyping, and more recently 3D manufacture or 3D printing of more and more complex objects. Increasingly this kind of work can be done using small machines, even desktop