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Social media and technology in 2012 (by rossdaht2) – Interview with futurist Ross Dawson on what to expect in social media and technology in the coming year

Greenpeace Year in Pictures 2011 

IBM 5 in 5: Mind Reading is no longer science fiction

From the IBM Research Blog: “Editor’s note:  This post about IBM’s 5 in 5 prediction of mind reading technology is by Kevin Brown of IBM Software Group’s Emerging Technologies. One of the many great things about working with the Emerging Technology Services team is that

Memristors and how they may change computing

By Glen Hiemstra | December 20th, 2011 I recently read a novelette by Bruce Sterling called Black Swan (A Cyberpunk Story). I was intrigued by what Sterling referred to as a “Memrister”. Within the context of the story, it was only clear that memristors were theoretical electronic

The Future of Marketing 2012 and Beyond

By Glen Hiemstra | December 16th, 2011 (Read More) The Future of Marketing from Laughlin Constable on Vimeo. Glen Hiemstra is a futurist, author, speaker, consultant, and Founder of To arrange for a speech, workshop or consultation contact