Didier Marlier: 2012: Our opportunity to unveil the Hero within ourselves!


From Didier Marlier’s blog: “‘Strategy is not about guessing the future but preparing for whatever it will be!’. Many of you have heard our friend and partner Nick van Heck claim this. And preparing our organizations, start with preparing ourselves, as leaders and human beings.

Many of you know the fascination that the work of Joseph Campbell has on me. Campbell was a university professor in the USA and his life long quest has been around the myths of heroism. One of his most astonishing findings was the profound similarities between all of them throughout the world and moment in mankind’s history. In his view, human beings seemed to agree, regardless of their social, religious or time positions, on what traits a hero has and the Journey he/she has to go through in order to reach such a level of wisdom. Campbell’s work was so compelling that George Lucas, when working on the scenario of Star Wars, invited him to co-write the work… Lucas’ intuition was right: everybody in the world could connect with the movie and it became a worldwide success. Many movies are constructed today around the scenario of…read on.”

TFA Team


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