Audi’s Future: Self-Driving Cars, Dual HUDs, LTE


From “Audi sketched out its vision for the future of connected cars Wednesday at CES, with cell phone boosters and LTE paving the way for hands-free driving and user-controlled swipable heads-up displays.

The German carmaker, which last year debuted a modular multimedia interface (MMI) built around the Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor, again brought Nvidia chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang on stage to unveil a version of the board using the 1.4-GHz Tegra 3, which is currently being made available in the upcoming Audi A3.

But the company also unveiled a ridiculous amount of technology that the company is developing in its labs. A short-term improvement, LTE, seemed almost like an afterthought, after being prominently featured in announcements from Seagate and OnStar, among others.

Audi’s connected car vision, Audi Connect, previously used 3G technology to connect the car to an array of…read on.”

TFA Team


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