A new type of capitalist activist…


…the Charles Dickens of futurism, Gerd Leonhard is a green futurist with a focus on media, content, entertainment and publishing, technology, telecom as well as marketing, branding and communications. His new direction: sustainability, carbon reduction, alternative and renewable energies, the future of transportation. He is a highly influential keynote speaker, think-tank leader and advisor, and now, the Founder of GreenFuturists.com using formidable talents to focus on important issues. These days you will hear him talk about our current economic and a societal paradigm that is quickly becoming ill-suited to tackle the key challenges of the next 20-50 years. The traditional focus on profit and growth has driven us to the top of the spiral (and the US is the global leader in that race), and we are hitting the ceiling: witness Occupy Wall Street and what is referred to as ‘the corporate spring’. In the next 20 years, he believes everything will be about…read on.

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