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Probably the biggest change is going to come from the changed definition of what we’re reading. More and more, texts will evolve the way Wikipedia entries evolve; the idea of a finished text, where all the words have been locked down, will start to seem

mediafuturist: Good talk by  Claire Diaz Ortiz, Social Innovation and Philanthropy. Made me think!

Five Energy Technologies To Watch

Technological breakthroughs could have a large impact on energy, and not just transitioning to sustainable energy sources. Grid-scale storage of electricity — very expensive techniques to store electrical power by converting to potential energy (like compressed air or pumped water) may be replaced by flow

Onshore Wind May Be Cheaper Than Oil This Decade

Damian Carrington via Electricity produced by wind turbines in the UK may be cheaper than that generated by burning gas within five years, even if the climate-warming pollution from the latter is allowed to be pumped straight into the air. That is one startling

How Big Will Phone Screens Get?

At first, screens larger than Apple’s 3.5 inch iPhone was a smart differentiation, but when will the expansion end? Rob Pegaro via Digital Dialogue […] worldwide shipments of phone displays 4.5 in. or bigger will balloon from 9.48 million last year to 159.45 million this

Devium Dash — the smart phone car stereo — is a Kickstarter funded project now. This will become ubiquitous. Sony, Pioneer, or Alpine should buy this company now. Or Apple.

Honestly, this kind of thing scares the shit out of me. Response from sapphirescribe to our post on the London billboard that uses ‘vision’ to judge onlookers sex, and only shows a specific video to women.

Emerging Trends by World Economic Forum

I’ve summarized a list of emerging tech trends that Andrew Maynard summarized from the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies assessment: Informatics for adding value to information [Big Data] Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering Green Revolution 2.0 – technologies for increased food

The iPad is terrific; I have one. I use it to read books or watch TV but I don’t use it to really get work done. – Meg Whitman, CEO of HP,  cited in HP’s PC Addiction by Jean-Louis Gassée via Monday Note I think

cecilialiao: Wireless chips swim through your veins will revolutionalise medical technology. Stanford electrical engineers have created a tiny wireless chip, driven by magnetic currents, that’s small enough to travel inside the human body. They hope it will someday be used for a wide range of