Five By Five – 9 Feb 2012


1. Jules Verne: The Man Who Invented the Future – Ward Jenkins via  The Ward-O-Matic — Peter Plasencia’s illustrations of Verne’s works are wonderful, although the book is out of print.

#julesverne #futurism

2. U.S. House of Representatives Passes H.R. 2930, the ‘Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act’ – Eric Blattberg via — Us House of Representatives votes in favor of allowing companies to raise money on the web through crowdsourcing; Senate is expected to vote in 2012. This sort of securities selling is already legal in parts of Europe, and is likely to dramatically shift early stage financing for start-ups in the US.

#crowdsourcing #HR2930 #start-ups #funding

3. ‘Google Glasses’ with built-in computer displays ‘could be on sale soon’, says insider – Rob Waugh via Mail Online — We may all be wearing ‘Terminator Goggles’ soon, according to a Google insider. The glasses resemble Oakley Thumps, and would provide a heads-up display on one of the two lenses, and also mount a camera to assist in virtual reality processing. The biggest things holding back real miniturization of computers are keyboards and displays. If we can do away with displays — and shift onto goggles — we’ll be halfway there. The solution to the keyboard is gesture, which the googles-mounted camera could solve.

#goggles #HUD #google

4. ABB revs-up electric car charging network – Caroline Copley via Reuters — ABB believes car chargers for electric cars should be a billion dollar industry within 5 years. Current market is just $50-$100 million. Big oil companies dispute predictions of 5+M electric cars by ‘17, and 7.7M recharging stations worldwide.

#energy #carchargers #ABB #electriccars

5. Solar Power Capacity Increased 54% in 2011 – Zachary Shahan via CleanTechnica — Reaching ~28 gigawatts worldwide solar capacity grew 54%, mostly in Germany and Belgium, led by a massive drop in the price of solar panels, according to Bloomsberg, who also predict leveling off in ‘12.

#solar #capacity

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