The iPad is terrific; I have one. I use it to read books or watch TV but I don’t use it to really get work done.

– Meg Whitman, CEO of HP,  cited in HP’s PC Addiction by Jean-Louis Gassée via Monday Note

I think these are words that will haunt Whitman for the rest of her life, like IBM Chairman Tom Watson’s famous line,

I think there is a world market for about five computers.

HP is caught in a trap: last year, they were going to walk away from the PC business, but it is producing 18% of the company’s operating profit:

And in the recent earnings call, there is zero mention of tablets. And their smartphone strategy is all contingent on Windows 8.

Time to sell HP short, and we can start the dead pool for Whitman. As Gassée puts it, Whitman has ‘opened the first envelope’:

For her part, CEO Meg Whitman ‘‘opens the first envelope”: She (subtly) blames her predecessor for his PSG spin-off announcement and the ensuing on-again-off-again business disruption.

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