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Mark Wilson, Holy Crap: This MIT Robot Might One Day Weave A Building […] the Mediated Matter Group from MIT Media Lab is training a robot to weave web-like architecture, similar to the way a silkworm creates cocoons (via co.DESIGN) This is one of those

‘Running Between The Toes Of Giants’

Link: ‘Running Between The Toes Of Giants’ On a couple of fascinating metaphors that have come out from the coverage of Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram that speak of the future of digital business and startups Post by Futures Agency associate Neil Perkin

Any company that isn’t primarily delivering its service via mobile five years from now will probably be irrelevant. Keith Teare, cited by Hamish McKenzie in  Web 2.0 Is Over, All Hail the Age of Mobile via PandoDaily (via stoweboyd)

Data is the New Oil: From Privacy to Publicy from swissnex San Francisco on Data is the New Oil – From Privacy to Publicy. An evening at Swissnex in San Francisco, April 10, 2012 – with speakers Gerd Leonhard, Jamais Cascio, Stowe Boyd and

Nokia Bonds Are Junk

Nokia’s declining fortunes lead to it’s bonds being rated as junk, after falling to No 2 mobile phone maker, behind Samsung: S.&P. Downgrades Nokia’s Bonds to Junk – Brian X Chen via S.& P.’s announcement came as Samsung dethroned Nokia as the world’s No.

Gerd Leonhard: A Facebook Data Spill? Data and Privacy (by ForaTv)

The Future of Business: HBR Poland Keynote: Futurist & Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard (by gleonhard), March 2012, Warsaw

MIT researchers have devised a technique to etch glass that makes it hydrophobic and self cleaning: David L. Chandler via MIT News Office […] a new way of creating surface textures on glass, developed by researchers at MIT, virtually eliminates reflections, producing glass that is

TV networks’ dominance of the delivery of TV content is rapidly collapsing, as alternatives expand and people build up their libraries: Primetime Mystery: Where Did All the TV Viewers Go? – Derek Thompson via The Atlantic The networks’ share of primetime TV audience (dark blue