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The big insight here? With the rise of megacities, consumers will most likely drive less. But they’ll continue to search out exciting ways of getting around. By intersecting this need with BMW’s expertise in creating exciting transport, the car manufacturer is today cornering a market

8 Visionaries on How They Spot the Future

Found on Wired’s Epicenter: “Spotting the future is an art. We asked eight of our favorite visionaries for their techniques. Paul Saffo A longtime technology forecaster, Saffo is a managing director at the Silicon Valley investment research firm Discern. Formerly the director of the Institute

Until the late 1960s, the United States was the world’s dominant manufacturing power. Today, it has become essentially a rentier economy, while China is the world’s leading manufacturing nation. A study recently reported in the Financial Times indicates that 58 percent of total income in

Laser Unprinters

Link: Laser Unprinters Researchers at the University of Cambridge have devised a way to ‘unprint’ laser printed pages, so that the paper can be reused. Use a laser, save a tree – via University of Cambridge Dr Julian Allwood, Leader of the Low Carbon Materials

I don’t really think I spot the future; I spot the things in the present that tell us something about the future. I look for interesting people. I find the cool kids and then say, what are they doing? Tim O’Reilly The OATV investment thesis

17 May in Madrid: Hi-Media Trends 2012

For our Spanish readers: ” Hi-Media te invita a conocer las últimas tendencias en el mundo digital de la mano de reconocidos expertos internacionales en el área de los contenidos y medios digitales, el futuro de la publicidad online y sus desarrollos tecnológicos así como

Google Drive lets people view files as meaningful thumbnails through the Web interface. Integration of Google Goggles lets the service recognize some images, in this case finding images of Mount Everest. And it transcodes videos into multiple formats for viewing with a variety of browsers

(via Manufacturing at the click of a mouse: the third industrial revolution commences | SmartPlanet)

German Scientists unveil “intelligent” tyre for all weather Are you fed up of having to change your summer tyres for winter tyres at the first sign of snow? Or of being caught out on a long car journey by sudden changes in the weather? That

laughingsquid: Quadrotor Equipped With A Machine Gun The US Army must have this already.