VLF 2012: Seeing the Future with Gerd Leonhard


As seen on Motorola.com: “Delegates at this year’s VLF heard from, Gerd Leonhard, described by the Wall Street Journal as one of the world’s leading futurists in the world, and author of The Future of Content (2011). Gerd outlined his vision for the future of our industry over the next three to five years and, like us, he focused on the shift of power from corporation to the consumer and how we need to adapt.

Power has shifted to the consumer

The emergence of social media has given power back to the consumer to share, consume and, most importantly, influence opinion and behaviour. Twitter, for example, is the new CNN and, once Twitter adds video, it will become the main source for breaking news – 2 minutes compared to an average of 50 minutes to broadcast a new story on TV. Peer-to-peer news will drive the modern paradigm, solely driven by consumers – something that telcos and content providers need to figure out how to capitalise on. We’re in a data-driven, social economy – Facebook accounts for 10 per cent of all web traffic – and companies like …read on.”

TFA Team


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