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Every technology must meet three tests: it has got to be practically doable; it must be economically viable; and it has got to be socially and politically viable. The City of The Future: It’s Changing — But Into What? | Environment | AlterNet

(via The City of The Future: It’s Changing — But Into What? | Environment | AlterNet)

According to Nielsen, US Android and iOS app users spent 101 billion minutes per month with their apps in March 2012, more than double the amount from a year earlier. By contrast, the amount of time spent with mobile websites grew at a more modest

The City of the Future

Post found on Glen Hiemstra’s “I am working on a book with Dennis Walsh on the future of cities. We’ll have that done by the end of summer. In the meantime, continues its series on future cities, and recently interviewed me, among others.

But we must realize that this comes at a cost. If we embrace openness, we are banking on something else — the indomitable spirit of people’s ability to create. And in that one move, we unlock the potential of many. Let Your Ideas Go –

hugelol: One.. two.. three..

atheistangel: Eco vs Ego. Love this illustration – the theme of my new book ;) (posted by Gerd)

What Facebook Knows

Link: What Facebook Knows The greatest opportunity for Facebook sits within its vast treasure trove of data, which is also enabling research into human interaction and behaviour of an unprecedented scale Post by Futures Agency associate Neil Perkin

Android, WinPho7, iPhone4… What Grills Faster? (by EZGrill) A hell of a way of marketing your BBQ equipment:)