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newyorker: Cartoon of the night. For more:

emergentfutures: BRIC nations adopting mobile broadband at rapid clip Mobile broadband adoption is on a tear, fueled by Brazil, Russia, India and China. Latin America will go wireless than anyone else. Full Story: ZDNET

greenfuturist: Futurist and Keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard at EcoSummit 2012 in Berlin ( speaking on “the journey from Ego to Eco”, see the slideshow here (slideshare); also embedded below. More on the Ego To Eco topic can be found here. Related articles A new type

(via Ebook Sales Surpass Hardcover in the U.S.)

quick-meme: That moment when not even Siri likes you… Hilarious

trifunkalicious: Rasmussen College’s infograph on multitasking is fantastic. 

Gerd Leonhard’s keynote at the Media Future Week in May 2012 in Almere near Amsterdam, Netherlands.

we are on the verge of a rapid transition into a period that will see many different scientific disciplines such as biomechantronics and synthetic neurobiology merge with each other. The call this the “Hybrid Age.” Welcome to the Hybrid Age | Think Tank | Big