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Spotlight on Africa – Mobile Statistics & Facts 2012 (by praekeltfoundation)

Everybody is talking about ‘data is the new oil’ aka big-data. SoLoMo (social local mobile) is the battle cry of the day. Human-machine interfaces are rapidly evolving and may quickly become commonplace (think Google Glasses, MSFT Kinect), artificial intelligence is the geek-phrase-of-the-day, and Kurzweil says

World’s first full motion graphics presentation – Keynote at TheNextWeb 2012 (by Ross Dawson)

52% of participants viewed the real world as a storytelling platform, saying that they’re keen on stories being told through networked real-world objects, augmented reality, 3D projected environments, and the like. (via What is the Future of Storytelling? – The Next Web)

gerdfuturist: futuristgerd: (via MediaFuturist: New video: the Future of Technology in a Digital Society (Systematic Forum Paris, June 2012) This video below is one of my favorite, recent presentations (if I may say so, myself); it just went live on my Youtube channel and on

(via Luxury Marketers Catch Up on Digital Channels – eMarketer) Gerd adds: better late than never:)

Now we shift to the third great wave, the world post the industrial revolution. To an economy designed to last, that is built around the present and nurtures the future. This will be an era where we…… well, that’s the exciting bit. We get to

Special Report: Social TV and The Second Screen

Link: Special Report: Social TV and The Second Screen stoweboyd: I am happy to release a special report I’ve recently written, Social TV and The Second Screen, developed cooperatively by Work Talk Research and The Futures Agency. Gerd Leonhard from The Futures Agency wrote the foreward,

So by all means, encourage your people to embrace technology, get great at business analytics, and otherwise ramp up the efficiency of everything they do. But just make sure all their efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of their humanity. Small gestures can send big