Free Webinar: The Future of Television: Social, Mobile, Over-the-top?


On September 4th, Gerd Leonhard and Stowe Boyd offer a free webinar:
Tue, Sep 4, 2012 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CEST

Social web strategist, speaker and blogger Stowe Boyds and futurist, speaker & author Gerd Leonhard are delighted to present this 60-minute, free webinar based on a white paper jointly developed by Stowe Boyd and TheFuturesAgency entitled ‘social TV and the second screen’. You can read more about it here (and download it via the link or directly at )

The overlap of social media and TV represents a huge opportunity for those that truly understand and internalize, embrace and partake in these changes, and that welcome this dawning networked, interdependent and many-to-many society.”

Stowe and Gerd will briefly present some select slides and updates on the topic of the future of television (10-15 minutes each), followed by a Q&A session with the participants.

The emphasis of this event is on allowing plenty of time for questions and discussion; both via chat as well as via audio (upon individual invitation only).

THIS EVENT IS LIMITED TO 100 PARTICIPANTS. Please sign up early and be sure to show up at least 30 minute prior to the starting time to avoid disappointment.

Stowe and Gerd are both members of The Futures Agency network and often work together holding seminars and think-tank events for media and technology companies, around the globe (…more).

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