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Overall, 39% of participants said they accessed news online the day before, up 10 percentage points from 2008. As news consumption through desktop browsers, mobile devices and social networks increases, print news sources continue to suffer. Less than a quarter said they read a print

Coca-Cola Content 2020 Part Two (by TheCognitiveMedia) MUST WATCH on the topic of content-marketing. A real jewel!

futuristgerd: Big Data: The New Natural Resource by ibmphoto24

Frugal Innovation Working for the Collective Good | Alan Moore

Link: Frugal Innovation Working for the Collective Good | Alan Moore Recently I settled in to listen to In Business with BBC journalist Peter Day. Innovation and transformation of people’s lives, economies, etc., is very much part of the No Straight Lines project so I

Startups And Growth

Link: Startups And Growth Growth as a force for evolutionary pressure – or what the businesses of the future can learn from the startups of today Post from Futures Agency associate Neil Perkin

greenfuturist: Information is flowing like might rivers (by The IBM Curiosity Shop) Nice one. Big data will be bigger than Big Oil.  Hopefully, more sustainable…

Meet Gerd Leonhard at this event Oct 10 in Warsaw Poland! Wykorzystaj rewolucję w logistyce, finansach, marketingu i sprzedaży! (via futuristgerd)

The Indomitable Mary Meeker | Wired Business |

Link: The Indomitable Mary Meeker | Wired Business | Silicon Valley is different than it has been in the past. Compare the Oracle team in the 1980s—very sales-driven—with the Facebook management team, for whom changing the world is more important than selling ads. There’s

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