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JESS3 on the changes at Newsweek

Link: JESS3 on the changes at Newsweek The so-called “death of Newsweek” seems like a major blow to the magazine industry, and perhaps the larger print media industry, but that’s like saying winter is a major blow to the convertible industry October 27, 2012 at

futuristgerd: PepsiCo10 2012 (by PepsiCoEvents) I like this concept – nice way to put your brand up-front with innovation. Related articles futuristgerd: (via Empowering “Things” for Our Internet of… ( futuristgerd: (via MediaFuturist: New video: Rebooting Media:… ( futuristgerd: Big Data: The New Natural Resource by…

futuristgerd: (via MediaFuturist: From Ego to Eco: a short video introduction to the event in Sao Paulo Nov 5 2012) Related articles “Meet me in Sao Paulo Nov 5: Markets of the Future: From Ego to Eco. On Nov. 5 at the Museum of…” ( futuristgerd:

ADmented Reality – Google Glasses Remixed with Google Ads by rebelliouspixels

– Social Media – Robert Tercek on “Television’s New Ecosystem” by ThisWeekIn

The top-ranked country in the Future 15, the United Arab Emirates (see full list in the right hand image), is benefiting from increasingly positive perceptions about its financial stability, educational system, overall happiness of its citizens, and commitment to growth through investments in infrastructure and

Is Augmented Reality just a novelty? by mobileshowteam

futuristgerd: (via MediaFuturist: New video: Rebooting Media: my presentation at the Belfast Media Festival 2012) This is a very nicely recorded video (thanks to the BBC NI and their fabulous studio in Belfast) and I cover a lot of ground as far as the future

The widening gaps within many countries are beginning to worry even the plutocrats. A survey for the World Economic Forum meeting at Davos pointed to inequality as the most pressing problem of the coming decade (alongside fiscal imbalances). In all sections of society, there is