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In Melbourne, meet the New Joneses | SmartPlanet

Link: In Melbourne, meet the New Joneses | SmartPlanet Since BNNM was conceived in 2010, it has become something of a beacon for the conscientious and collaborative consumption movement in Melbourne. “Part of it is about conscientious consumption or collaborative consumption and asking the questions

Spotify – rewriting the music business ?

Link: Spotify – rewriting the music business ? according to internal Spotify data, after an initial burst of interest that resembles the pattern for sales of music, a funny thing happens. Songs in the company’s catalog are played again and again, with no diminution in

The holiday season is upon us now that Thanksgiving has come and gone. If you’ve just surfaced from the post-Thanksgiving turkey overdose then you’ve already missed Black Friday, which is probably for the better. However, many e-commerce sites are extending Cyber Monday deals through the

The total reset of marketing, branding and media – are you ready for the future? Gerd Leonhard Powerful technologies and a significant personal habit changes are impacting societal, economic and political developments. Marketing is following media/content as the next big arena for change – consider

Author / Marketer Rohit Bhargava and Futurist Gerd Leonhard discuss Likeonomics (MeetingOfTheMinds) (by Gerd Leonhard) Watch this… and Like us:)))

Among the bigger-name streaming services are Spotify, which uses a freemium ad-supported, desktop app-based model; Rdio, which takes a tiered, cloud-based approach; and Pandora, whose personalised streaming radio is also available on a freemium ad-supported model. There’s also Wimp, Rara, Napster, We7, Pure,, Senzari,

Using Social Media To Cover For Lack Of Original Thought – Onion Talks – Ep. 6 by TheOnion