Future of Innovation & Business: From Ego to Eco. Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard Porto Alegre 2012 (by Gerd Leonhard)

This is the complete video of my talk at the 5th Congress of Innovation in Porto Alegre in Brazil, October 30th 2012 see    Thanks to FIERGS for making this video available.  You can download my slides here:  or visit my Slideshare page for another 118 slideshows:  :)   In this talk I cover a wide variety of topics such as the rebooting of capitalism (as ‘natural’ or ‘sustainable’ capitalism), Growth National Happiness vs GDP, the triple bottom line, the shift to a networked / social-local-mobile society, social media and the future of social technologies, future innovation opportunities for Brazil, the shift of power to the BRIC countries… and much more…

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