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Recorded Jan 18, 2013, in Mill Valley, CA, this is Part 3 of a conversation between me and Futurist Dr. James Canton. This video is part of the new series (launching soon). Topics discussed include general sustainability trends and predictions, ‘green future’ opportunities, the

Will Big Data turn us into Google-driven drones?

Link: Will Big Data turn us into Google-driven drones? But my worry stems more from how Big Data is increasingly telling us who we are and what we want. Google (GOOG) News tells us what news stories we want to read. Amazon tells us what

Admit it: you secretly like watching your Klout score rise. Just a little a bit. How much will you like it when social prestige gets integrated into your work life? We’re already seeing hints of this happening, as PSFK points out. A video game company

The Future of Learning, Networked Society – Ericsson by ericsson

The World We Explore- Sir Ken Robinson Zeitgeist Americas 2012 by zeitgeistminds

unlearn; v. [the act of unlearning; verbal n, to unlearn] 1. the act of releasing old knowledge. 2. to see the world not as one would like to see it, but as it really is. 3. to be un-uninformed. 4. to acquire wisdom either by

futuristgerd: Data is the new Oil: 3 illustrations – which one do you think is best? The theme was coined by Clive Humby at AMA 2006, but I use it a lot in my talks and presentations, see the links here The b/w piece was

futurist-foresight: An interesting look at the Big Data environment. datasimple: What do you think of this depiction of the big data landscape?